Most Amazing African Bird Species

The Dark Continent is a treasure trove for flora and fauna. Especially bird species are unique to this region. There are certain species to look out for a while on the move. The Turaco species are colorful and are exclusive to Africa. You can locate these in Sub-Sahara regions. The Blue Turaco is especially found in Uganda. The white and white crested Turaco and Green Turacos are popular too. Shoebill is common to the Papyrus Swamps in Uganda. Zambia also has some amazing Shoebills. If you want to spot the African Pitta or the Green Breasted Pitta, it is time to check Zambia, Mozambique or Zimbabwe. The Picathartes is charismatic and is restricted to Western African regions of Ghana, Gabon, and Cameroon. Of late, the bird is spotted in Sangha Lodge.

Egyptian Plover and Quail Plovers are the favorite of bird lovers and are found in Cameroon and Western Parts of Africa. Helmet Vanga is endemic to Madagascar. It is a dazzling variety. Long-tailed Ground-roller is endemic to Madagascar. Four eye-catching colorful ground rollers can catch the attention of any bird lover. Take a trip to the amazing land of South Africa to check out Rockjumper, Blue Crane, and Sugarbird. These bird species are a treat to watch.

If you are in search of Pel’s fishing owl, visit Botswana. Just cross the Namibian border to spot some spectacular Fishing Owls. Congo Peacock is another mythical bird that is very hard to spot. The Yellow-crested Helmet-shrike is also a rare bird species that is hard to find these days. These can be termed as impossible birds that are spotted in the rarest of rare bird expeditions. Bird lovers find the African continent a fantasy land. Not just endemic bird species but migratory birds also are found in large numbers in the African countries.

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Spotting The African Pitta Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Spotting the African Pitta is the dream of every bird lover. The irony is that it has not been spotted even by listers in the region. The diverse colored feathers that are a combination of turquoise, green, black, light yellow and bright red has given it a rare bird status. This bird has turned into a legendary exclusiveness. With Mozambique turning out to be a safe destination for bird lovers post civil war tourism is picking up. Late November and early December is the right time for bird watchers. Visit Zambezi Delta to view some amazing species. Though there are photographs and documentaries on these rare species nothing can come close to reality.

You can reach central Mozambique from Johannesburg, and this is where you can find these legendary birds. Fly to Port of Beira in the East Africa and then drive down to the Pitta ground. It is the shortest route to spot the Pitta. In the Mount Gorongosa, you can find some amazing bird species that can tempt you to stop around. Once you reach the Zambezi, there is a deep gorge in line with the Victoria Falls. Here you can find forests that are placed on the sea level that forms the Zambezi Delta. It is the best spot for African Pitta. There are other varieties of birds that are exclusive to the region like the Slender Greenbul, East Coast Akalat, Mangrove Kingfisher, White Chested Alethe, etc.

Birders always want more, and they do not seem to be happy with their spots. Green Breasted Pitta is a special bird species that is more legendary than the African Pitta. This is seen in Central and West Africa but again not so common for the tourists. Talk to bird guides if you are looking for specific species. Uganda had the recent history of spotting a Green-breasted Pitta. Thanks to the technology, political calm, and transportation facilities birders can travel into the deep forests to get a glimpse of their favorite birds. The Kibale Forest is the right destination to look out for Green Breasted Pitta. The place can give you some amazing mammal experience as well.

If you can spot this Pitta, you are lucky enough. These Pitta species are not easy to come and it you find one you are blessed. The time and place are paramount to be successful in your endeavor. Sometimes even with the best timing and guides, it may be tough to spot these rare species. A birding tour company can definitely come to your aid. Check out those that have a good reputation and a successful track record of spotting the Pittas. Spotting these legendary birds are challenging, and if you find it, easily there could be no significance attached to it. Take the tough route to spot the world’s most amazing birds ever.

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Making Every Bird Species Count During Bird Trips

lake_manyara_birdsThere are roughly around 10,000 species of birds on this earth. Bird lover and ornithologists are constantly exploring newer varieties to their existing list of birds they have spotted or witnessed. But it is impossible to spot all these species. For many, it is easier to spot roughly 3,000 species but above this number the count is slow. Birders like Jonathan Rossouw are a lucky few to reach the magical figure of 8,000. Spotting birds are not easy; it is expensive and requires extensive travel across rough terrains. Even if you are willing to spend a fortune and time, you may be able to spot just 70% of birds on the planet.

If you take out a list of birds to spot them like a Kentish Plower, Wall creeper, Snowy Plover, etc., it becomes a horrendous task. If you do not, find them do not try too hard. But if you are particular to touch the 10,000 mark then remember that birds like Snowy Plover and Kentish Plover are relative and are genetically similar. Of course, the Snowy Plover and Piping Plover are entirely different species. Planning is critical during bird spotting. If you have limited resources, then it is time to focus on different species than worrying about spotting similar species. Taking the above example either opt for Piping Plover and Kentish or Snowy Plover. By doing this, you can maximize the genetic diversity.

lammergeier-20-gypaetus-20barbatus-20by-20noel-20reynolds-20-20flickrAlways value the list of genetic diversity. If you see two Plovers like Snowy and Piping Plover, then they can be considered as different genera. These are set in two different genera so you can be happy that you have complete two species. It is almost impossible to spot all of the world’s birds so better approach it strategically. You can maximize the species by the time you retire. It is the concept followed by most birders. So now the trick lies in spotting bird families than seeing species.

If you take a trip to Madagascar, then you can spot more families in just half a month. You can spot ground rollers, vangas and more and then move on to Papua New Guinea where you can experience how birds-of-paradise looks like. The 10,000 bird species is unrealistic so do not find fault with the bird guide. It is the responsibility of developed nations like the USA to protect many of almost extinct bird species. Again, it needs strategic planning to prevent bird extinctions.

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