Tours And Safaris In Rwanda

Uganda_Tour_Churchill_SafarisThe natural beauty of Rwanda has remained alluring always. Among the African countries it is one of the best examples of natural habitats. Covering an area of 26,338 sq. km. with 8 million population and more than a thousand hills Rwanda ranks among the top most visited destination in Africa. Rwanda’s capital Kigali is bordered by Burundi in its South, Tanzania in East, Congo to the west and Uganda to the North. This country has always attracted many tourists because of its natural beauty. Climate is awesome all round the year. Visit this country in any time of the year and you will be equally mesmerized.

Most popular thing done by people over here is tracking the rare mountain gorilla. Within Park National Des Volcanoes and Nyungwe forest this rare primate can be tracked. It usually takes eight to ten hours to track a gorilla. The reason is that you have to walk through dense forest and swampy areas to reach them. Apart from tracking the rare mountain gorilla you can see other beautiful animals like hyena, bush buck, forest hog, buffalo, elephant and bush pig. As per an estimate the total number of bird species in this park is 180.

Average rainfall recorded in Nyugwe national park is 2000mm. It is the oldest rain forest in Africa with high level of diversity. Bird watchers love visiting this park. There are around 280 different species of birds recorded in this park. There are about 500 chimpanzees in the forest. Male chimpanzees live in the same community they are born in whereas female chimpanzees migrate to other communities also. It is a common phenomenon. Monkeys move in a troop of about 400. Altogether it is a great place to visit and a must try for nature lovers. It will be fun to drive on rocky roads of this region.